Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Green Life Interupted

Thank you Canada Post.
Thanks to the strike and lack of service the next step in my green life is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated.
I love the swiffer vacuum and mop. They are convenient, easy to use and do a good job. But they also cause waste and depending on how much you use them it can be a fair amount of waste. My new house is three times as large as my old house and thus requires three times as much cleaning! My swiffer vacuum is getting a lot of use there days! So I decided to look into a way to continue to use my swiffer products which I love, keep a clean house and decrease the amount of waste that I produce. While looking for rewashable and reusable products for the swiffer, I contemplated making my own but then remembered how busy I am...so I looked for someone else who makes them. I found my new swiffer cloths on etsy and ordered them right away hoping that they would arrive soon so that I could start using them but then came my hiccup...Canada Post on strike. So now I must wait even longer to use my new swiffer cloths and decrease my waste products. In the meantime, I have put together my new compost bin and have started using it. I'm excited to avert waste products from my garbage and make good soil and fertilizer for my flowers!

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  1. hey cool!! Can you link the etsy shop you bought 'em from? I'd love to get some of those! I always feel guilty with how many of them swiffer pads I use... but they are the only thing that can really get all the yucky dog hair off the floor.