Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Compost

Ahh, I finally found some time to write again! Worked all weekend...late nights, early mornings meant no time for blogging! But I found some time and am happy to write again.
At my old place I composted leftovers veggies and such but the bin I used was not a real compost bin and therefore did not do a very good job. Now that I am at my new place and hope to stay for awhile, I really wanted a real compost bin that would do the job. My boyfriend had great intentions of making one but then we found one for a decent price at Canadian Tire. Although I am trying to buy as little new as possible, I justified this purchase in that the cost of the bin at Canadian Tire was cheaper than the lumber required to build one, and that this bin was made out of recycled materials. Not buying anything new kept me from accumulating excess "stuff" and encouraged me to buy used, so buying a compost bin made from recycled materials fits along the same lines. I can hardly wait to start using the bin, composting my leftovers and fertilizing my garden!

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