Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our "Green" Winter Wonderland Wedding

So, I know its been a while but can I just say that I have been busy?!! 
Started my new career this summer, been working tons, trying to stay caught up with life and then getting married! So yes, its been busy! but I am hoping that with the cold, cold, stupid cold weather here in Alberta that I can get some stuff done at home, including blogging!
Where to start? What have I been doing in the last six months or so to "green" up my life?
A good place to start is our wedding. We kept it low key, low maintenance and as cost efficient as possible. This was to keep our costs down and keep the wedding as green as possible even though it was in the middle of winter! We had the ceremony and reception in a heritage house in Red Deer, had is catered by their in house caterer. We had a small guest list which was difficult to keep to considering I have such a large family! But the small gues list meant that we could do things smaller and keep the wedding intimate. The venue did most of the decorating, they had the christmas tree up already and the few decorations I brought were second hand yet classy! Thanks Kijiji!!!

 I opted to not do party favors for guests based on the decision that unless they were useful and useable they were not wanted. Our guest signing book was a few blownup pics of Jeremy and I, something that we will actually look at and incorporate in our home and life.

but my favorite part of the whole wedding, besides marrying the love of my life! is how we opted to handle wedding presents. Jeremy and I have both lived on our own for several years and had enough stuff to fill two houses, so we felt that we did not need more "stuff". We knew family and friends would want to celebrate with us and share their love so we decided to share with them our passion and goals in life. In lieu of wedding gifts, we asked our friends and families to participate with us in our goal of building a well for a community in Africa that so desperately needs it.
Our choice to sponsor the building of a well in Africa was a very exciting choice in the wedding planning process! We researched organizations and found one that worked closely with the community, gave them ownership over and responsibility of the well. Throughout the process, we will get pictures and updates of the well and the community who will benefit from it. It will be an exciting endeavor that will continue to grow over the years, just like our love! (there's my nauseating lovey dovey bit!)
I encourage you to check out my pictures of the wedding and the website of the well to see the fabulous event and how "green" our winter wedding was!!! Enjoy!!