Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Me and My Green Thumb

For those who were interested in the reusable mop pads that I ordered from an Etsy shop here is the link:
Sorry it took so long to reply to that, I am somewhat technologically inept...

I am patiently waiting for them to arrive in the mail now that the strike is over. My poor floors are waiting a little less patiently motting just isn't cutting it! I can hardly wait to mop my floors again! (never thought that I would actually say that...!)

In the meantime, I have been working quite a bit (which is part of the reason why I haven't responded to the inquiry or written a new blog!). I have also spent a fair amount of time in my front and backyard. Who knew having my own yard would be so much fun and so much work! Having a well established and well taken care of yard is great, there are very little actual weeds, its mainly just grasses in the middle of the flowers. I have always wanted a flower garden that requires little work and has natural Alberta plants that grow well in our climate, are hardy, require no fertilzer or pesticides, are very natural and still look great! At first look in the flower beds, I thought that I had my work cut out for me with a lot of weeding and a lot of time. But after spending some time out there contemplating, which is what I call it when I stand around doing a whole lot of nothing, I decided that now was my chance for my "natural" flower garden. I have decided to nickname it my jungle! Its really not that crazy but I think it looks great and very natural. I have done some weeding in it, removed some saplings from the tree and planted two new plants, a rose bush and a rhododendron. Honestly, I didn't do my research in advance to find out if they were naturally growing in Alberta (should have picked an Alberta rose!!) I chose them because they were on sale at Canadian Tire, super cheap! But I can justify some of the work that I have done in that all the yard waste I have produced has been collected and composted by the City of Red Deer going towards flowers and gardens around the city.
And for those who have not seen my new place, here are some pics. Now to do something with the inside...

The front yard

The side of the house and front door

My overgrown stump which I happen to love. Makes me think of a tree spirit

The side door with its overgrown plants (I don't even know what they are)

The back door with its immense ferns

The back yard (notice the compost bin!)

My jungle

My jungle and future fire pit

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