Monday, June 6, 2011

A wannabe tree hugger

Well, here it is, my first blog post! I have been thinking about doing this for awhile now but just haven't had the time or courage! Don't expect me to write everyday but I will try to write when I can and when I think I have something good to say.
So, a little bit about me. I grew up a country girl (not a farmer as some people seem to think!) in the middle of nowhere Alberta (Hoadley, Alberta, look it up, it is actually on the map but there is nothing there!). Growing up in the country gave me ample opportunities to live green but also many opportunities to live not so green. I now live in Red Deer Alberta, finally feeling like an adult, finished university, got my degree, got a house and a real job and a fiancee, so its about time I started making my life more green as well! This blog will hopefully encourage me (and you if you feel so inclined or inspired!) to live greener, happier and healthier!
Currently I recycle as much as Red Deer will allow (which is limited) but we also try and keep plastics that can't be recycled and take them to Edmonton when we go up there, I compost but I need a new compost bin for the new house, buy toilet paper made from recycled materials, buy paper made from recycled materials, buy organic clothes and materials when I can find them, wash laundry with cold water, use eco friendly cleaning products when I can, etc. (can't think of every little thing right now) It all seems like such small things and requires very little sacrifice on my part so my goal is to start making bigger sacrifices and doing more. My latest goal has been to buy nothing new. I started just after the new year and have done not too bad thus far. Of course, personal items don't count! I have only purchased a very few clothing items and wear them regularly which is some justification. Even in the process of moving to the new house I have purchased very few new items. I was inspired by a newspaper article in the Globe and Mail about a family of five who managed to buy nothing new for an entire year. Seemed like a huge task but I mainly wanted to apply it to my life in regards to clothing (of which we all have plenty!!) and household items (of which I also have plenty and can find plenty more gently used). I graduated this past weekend with my Bachelor of Science and even borrowed a dress from a very good friend of mine so as not to spend extra money on another dress that I might never wear again. Atleast this way the dress will get more use because she hasn't even worn it yet!  It hasn't always been easy and I have had to drag myself away from stores countless times and remind myself that I don't actually need it even though I may want it...but I have also survived about six months of buying very few new items so it can't be that hard!
Small things do add up, but both my fiancee and I want to do more and make a much bigger impact on our world


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  2. Thanks for sharing Melissa! Look forward to reading more! If I recall correctly this is not the first grad that you have borrowed a dress for!

  3. Very true Simply Scrumptious! I had almost forgotten about that!!

  4. oh I didnt know that your black grad dress for highschool grad was Bridget's.. very cool.

    My grad dress for highschool was from value village... can I be in the green clothes club now?